Clinical Diets

My passion is formulation of clinical diets for pets. When health concerns arise, let me develop a diet that will support your pet during acute and chronic conditions.

Diet Evaluation

I will be traveling to Africa through June 20, 2018 with little to no connectivity. I will reply to emails as soon as I can upon my return. Apologies for the inconvenience. 

Raw Diet Formulations

Some pets do better with a cooked diet option. I can provide a properly formulated and balanced diet you cook and prepare at home. 

Cooked Diet Formulations

Professional Nutrition Services


Evolve Animal Services, LLC., is dedicated to promoting animal health and well-being through science-based nutrition.  We blend science, natural history, behavior and practicality into the development of optimized nutrition plans.

Raw and homemade diets are not the best options for every home.  I will help you sort through the commercial products and supplements to provide your pet the best nutrition possible when raw is not a possibility.

Few raw meat diets I evaluate are properly balanced. I will formulate a custom raw diet to ensure all nutrients for your pet's life stage are appropriate and balanced.