Clinical Diets

Raw and homemade diets are not the best options for every home.  I will help you sort through the commercial products and supplements to provide your pet the best nutrition possible when raw is not a possibility.

Raw Diet Formulations


Few raw meat diets I evaluate are properly balanced. I will formulate a custom raw diet to ensure all nutrients for your pet's life stage are appropriate and balanced.

Evolve Animal Services, LLC., is dedicated to promoting animal health and well-being through science-based nutrition.  We blend science, natural history, behavior and practicality into the development of optimized nutrition plans.

Diet Evaluation

Professional Nutrition Services

My passion is formulation of clinical diets for pets. When health concerns arise, let me develop a diet that will support your pet during acute and chronic conditions.

Some pets do better with a cooked diet option. I can provide a properly formulated and balanced diet you cook and prepare at home. 

​I am currently a full time professor at Iowa State University. Due to my current (unexpected) teaching load, I have been unable to assist clients and have decided to halt my services until I can provide the time necessary for each diet requested.  I am deeply sorry for the lack of response if you have attempted to connect with me.

I will re-evaluate my situation after the Fall 2021 semester ends in December. 

Cooked Diet Formulations